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Refinance Investment Property Loans
Get Approved Within 24 hrs!
Close in 5 Days!

Who We Serve

Our customers are California real estate investors, landlords, brokers and property owners who need cash quickly.
When the bank says no – we fund the deal!

What We Offer

We finance purchase, refinance, cash-out refinance and construction loans on investment
properties. We also provide second mortgages. Our customers use our private loans to purchase, fix and flip, or hold properties, as well as to get cash out on their investments. Short and long-term financing are available. California’s trusted hard money lending.

Refinance Investment Property Loans

Refinance your investment property loan by calling Pacific Capital. We refinance single family, 2-4 unit, multi-family and commercial real estate loans in California. Best of all? We close quickly. Your refinance could close in just 5 days!
Our fast-closing private money refinance loans are perfect when a hard money loan is coming due or when a real estate investor needs money right away.
Private money refi rates are competitive and many of our loans have NO prepayment penalty.

Cash Out Refinance Loans on Investment Properties

Do you need cash out to make property improvements? Pacific Capital has you covered.
Our cash out refinance loans can be used to make the improvements you need to increase rents or sell the property for a profit later on.

Hard Money Refinance Loans from Pacific Capital

Property owners throughout California turn to us for refinance loans that close in just 5 days! Our clients include landlords, real estate investors, flippers, foreign investors and developers.


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How It Works

To get a refinance loan from Pacific Capital, call 818-296-6101 or email for a same-day approval.
The process is easy because we do not need tax returns or income documents. We care about the value of the property and the income it generates. That’s it!
With no hoops to jump through, refinance loans close in 5 days or less!


Why Choose Pacific Capital

Our loans are real estate equity base, with no doc and no appraisal. Your information remains private and deals close quickly, without the hassle of a traditional bank loan. Plus, our rates are low and loans can be from 6 months to 30 years.

Address: 5010 N. Parkway Calabasas Suite 201, Calabasas Ca 91302

Disclaimer: Restrictions Apply. Some loans take no longer than 5 days to close. Terms subject to change. This is not a commitment to lend. Pacific Capital Funding Corp is licensed by Cal DRE Lic.: 02039562