Pacific Capital Funding Corp overview and recent CRE Bridge Loans Case Studies

Pacific Capital Funding Corp. (PCFC) is a direct private money lender that funds commercial and residential investment real estate collateralized loans. Majority of PCFC borrowers are real estate investors seeking credit for acquisition or refinance of an investment or a rehab project. Pacific Capital is known for excellent service and highly efficient loan processing and funding.

PCFC Funds residential loans as quickly as 5 days and Commercial as fast as 10 days! 

Loans are structured based on the real estate equity and strength of the borrower. By putting much less emphasis on property cash flow, occupancy rate and current physical condition of the property, and personal income and assets of the borrower, PCFC is able to fund loans that most institutional lenders decline.

The Following are some of the recent CRE bridge loans recently funded by PCFC:

Deering Court, Canoga Park

  • Loan Amount: $1,675,000
  • Rate 8.99% IO
  • Terms: 24 Months
  • LTV: 65%




E. Washington Blvd., Commerce

Was funded within 7 Days

  • Mixed Use Industrial
  • Loan Amount: $500,000
  • Interest Rate: 8.00% IO
  • Term: 12 Months
  • LTV: 20%



Junipero Avenue, Signal Hall

  • Multi-family Home
  • Loan Amount: $850,000
  • Interest Rate: 8.40% IO
  • Term: 12 Months
  • LTV: 56%




Radford Ave, North Hollywood

  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Loan Amount: $765,000
  • Rate: 8.99% IO
  • Term: 24 Months
  • LTV: 60%



Taft Street, Riverside

  • Multi-Family Home
  • Loan Amount: $800,000
  • Rate: 9.50% IO
  • Term: 24 Months
  • LTV: 63%



Grimes Place

  • Investment SFR Purchase
  • Loan Amount: $1,725,000
  • Rate: 9,50% IO
  • Term: 12 Months
  • LTV: 75%




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Address: 5010 N. Parkway Calabasas Suite 201, Calabasas Ca 91302 Disclaimer: Restrictions Apply. Some loans may take longer than 7 days to close. Terms subject to change. This is not a commitment to lend. Pacific Capital Funding Corp is licensed by Cal DRE Lic.: 02039562