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Leon Oranskiy

Chief of Executive Operations

Leon Oranskiy is a licensed Broker under California Department of Real Estate. He began his career at the age of 22 as a real estate agent with Paramount Properties in Northridge, California. He quickly adapted and soon became one of the top sales producers in his office. In 2002 Leon decided to make a move to Pinnacle Estate Properties, a very busy local real estate company across town. It proved to be the right move for Leon and his sales productions doubled within a year. Leon spent 17 years with the firm successfully closing over 500 real estate transactions with sales volume in excess of $300 Million. Fast forward to 2016, after seeing a growing need in alternative financing options for real estate investors, Leon co-founded Pacific Capital Funding Corp., a private funding company licensed by California Department of Real Estate.

Ben Soifer

Chief of Financial Operations

From a young age, I realized Money is crucial to our financial survival.  Born in Ukraine, I migrated to Israel at a young age and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 14.  Struggling with poverty during my early years forced me to focus my attention on Money.  You know what they say ” The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives”.

When choosing a path to follow, a “career”, I should say.  I realized that  Real Estate is the slow and steady path that seemed to be a proven success.  I started my journey in the San Fernando Valley, selling all types of Real Estate . I was young, motivated and quickly named “Rookie of Year”. After gaining some experience, I immediately understood that the journey to a lucrative career is PURCHASING Real Estate, not just selling it. In 2004, I  began my new journey, investing in properties located in Texas. Before long, by the age of 31, I had acquired several multi-residential properties in Los Angeles alone.  Then began what I called Phase 2 – Exchanging smaller local investments for larger Retail & Multi-Family opportunities throughout the country. My knowledge of investments is vast. I have invested and helped other investors allocate and fund income-producing properties for over 2 decades. Living through both highs and lows, creating a clear financial path has become my niche.


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Address: 5010 N. Parkway Calabasas Suite 201, Calabasas Ca 91302 Disclaimer: Restrictions Apply. Some loans may take longer than 7 days to close. Terms subject to change. This is not a commitment to lend. Pacific Capital Funding Corp is licensed by Cal DRE Lic.: 02039562